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One to One Coaching

SMc offers one to one coaching for an immediate solution to reducing stress, anxiety, fear or depression. In just one hour, you will have an understanding of how you are creating the physical effects of stress in your body through your thinking. Rather than change your thinking, you will be able to better understand and utilise it. In the same way that learning how to surf allows you to tackle bigger waves, understanding how your own thinking works will allow you to tackle situations without getting the feelings of stress.

A one to one session costs £215 for one hour in person or on Skype


Leadership Development, Confidence Training, Sales Training, Sports Psychology

SMc offers a variety of business training to directly affect your bottom line.  The results you are getting are as a result of the thinking that is behind it. We all know that on the days when you can ‘do no wrong’, confidence, leadership and sales all flow effortlessly, even when all other factors remain the same. This is especially true in sports, where it can really look like the technique or process, but it is the thinking behind these, that is key. As a foundation for superb performance, in sport and in business, there are fundamental principles behind the human operating system, that when learned will make a huge impact to your bottom line. 

Day rate: £1,950


Speaking services

SMc offers one hour speaking engagement services for your business for preventative, stress avoidance. During the talk, I will explain the source of all stress, how to spot yourself creating it and what to do about it. For groups of up to 100 people at a time.

One hour speaking engagement service costs £975


Unlimited Clarity Quick Learning Programme

Designed especially if you want to get a deep and intensive understanding into the nature of thought and how to connect to unlimited clarity. This course is specifically for you if you have a crisis in your life that needs addressing quickly and simply cannot see ‘the wood for the trees’. These three in-depth intensive learning sessions on a one to one basis (this is not a group session), will give you the clarity you need. You will receive: 3 Skype or face to face (if possible) intensive 1hr training sessions and a signed copy of my book, Do Nothing!

Course cost £1,597

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