Business… and depression

I work with lots of different people, some who are very successful and some who are on their way to becoming very successful. The way I help them is to point them towards a universal truth about how the mind works, which gives them insight into many parts of their lives, especially in their business. […]

10 Essential Christmas Reads (or gifts) for Entrepreneurs

Time is precious, so when someone asks what you want for Christmas this year, give them the link to one of these essential books for entrepreneurs. Or you might even want to indulge yourself and give a little reward for all those long hours you’ve put in this year? Either way, you’ll want to make […]

Increase your sales by using… a dating technique!

What makes people decide to buy a specific product from you? If you understand how humans make decisions, you can tap into some pretty nifty techniques to improve your sales, one of which applies to dating! But before I tell you what that is, let me just explain what helps us all make decisions, whether […]